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The Best Beaches Worldwide

Nothing says summertime like a golden beach, cerulean surf, cocktail of your dreams, and your love (or future heat) next to you on a lounge. Here, we’ve gathered the top hits — the whitest sands, the hottest venues, the well known, and the best-kept secrets of the LGBTQ community.

Broken down by popularity and category:

Wet & Wild (singles scene)
Family Friendly (safe and comfortable)
Gorgeously Golden (for the mature mavens)

we’ve scoured the maps and come up with the most fabulous beach venues for your summertime fun.

Wet & Wild

Miami Beach
Miami, USA

With an old school Will Smith song playing in your head and thoughts of hot as hell beautiful people dancing in your brain, it’s an easy trek to this gay metropolis with its gorgeous surf and powder sand, and delicious sexy men and smoking hot women cavorting, oiled up, and ready for fun. Add high-end shopping, fine dining, and nonstop parties at Score, Twist, and Palace, and your day at 12th Street Beach pretty much seals the deal. Though all summer long this destination is an absolute high, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the White Party in November, and the Winter Party in March.

Runner up:
North Bondi Beach

While Sydney is clearly one of the top gay-friendly summer destinations in the world, sporting six gorgeous beaches that cover most of our categories, North Bondi Beach secures our vote for the Wet & Wild runner-up. With sparkling sands, secluded spots for bare sun worship, beautiful hot bodies, and cooled by the timely arrival of the Sydney Harbor ice cream boats, it is a preeminent hot spot, uniquely suited for chilling out. As if that were not enough, we encourage you to delve into the nightlife. Nearby on Oxford Street you’ll find heated action at The Columbian, The Stonewall Hotel, and The Midnight Shift, clubs that offer the finest DJs, seriously hot dancers, and risqué shows available on the continent.

Family friendly

Herring Cove Beach and Family Week, July 29-Aug 5
Provincetown, Mass.

Provincetown Family Week is the largest annual gathering of the LGBTQ parents and their families in the
world. Established by the Family Equality Council, this activity packed, fun-filled environment includes some of the best community building opportunities available anywhere. Herring Cove Beach, our best of the beaches focus, is a fabulous family-friendly venue that boasts stunning scenery, crisp blue waves, and pristine sands, chock full of teen activities during the day, and bonfires at night. In fact, the entire week is populated by fun, age group-appropriate activities and signature Family Week events that draw amazing crowds. Family Week in Provincetown is a positive and powerful opportunity for kids to meet and interact with others who share their backgrounds and experiences. It’s a place where family life is both celebrated and treasured.

Runner up:
Moonlight State Beach
Encinitas, Calif.

San Diego County tops our list for all-around gay-friendly, family-oriented beaches, but Moonlight State Beach seems a little extra special and deserves the nod for runner up in the Family Friendly category. The wide white sand beach is perfect for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, walking, and jogging. And with volleyball courts, playground, picnic tables, fire pits, snack stand, and year-round lifeguard station, it’s a beach not to be overlooked. An added bonus is the nearby Hillcrest neighborhood, which hosts weekly family playgroups and seasonal family events all year round.

Gorgeously Golden

Kenepa Beach and Casa Abao

Located just off the coast of Venezuela, the very small but stunningly gorgeous island of Curacao is our top choice in the Gorgeously Golden category. With 17 spun sugar beaches featuring secluded peaceful coves, gentle aqua waters, and a friendly and accepting local population, this Dutch island would be a slice of heaven on these merits alone. Add to the list fabulous dining, a prolific art scene, awesome casinos, lovely architecture, and the opportunity to dive or snorkel among some of the most amazing coral in the world, this is one beach destination that can’t be missed.

Runner up:
Platja de les Anquines
Sitges, Spain

Just south of the buzz of Barcelona, Sitges has long been Spain’s number one gay destination, and rightfully so. Lauded for its laid-back attitude and sophisticated ambience, this town has much to offer and its beaches are a key draw. At EQL we have found the Platja de les Anquines, the most appealing of the 17 strips of fun-loving sand. Tucked in an alcove, this secluded beach welcomes all. Young and old, nudist or clad, relax in splendor, storing up the energy to take on the heat of the night scene or the smoldering comfort of an amazing gastronomic event.

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