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Tony & Peter: The Elements of Love

By Andrea Milam By the time Tony and Peter decided to have a multi-city wedding celebration that spanned the globe, they were already quite well-traveled. When the couple met in 2005, Tony’s position as a sales executive had him splitting his time between San Francisco and New York when he wasn’t

Aaron & Lee: Making History with Love

It was love at first sight when 32-year-old former model Aaron Huntsman met 31-year-old firefighter-turned-bartender William “Lee” Jones in 2003 at the famed annual Key West PRIDE event. That year, the festival also honored the 25th anniversary of the creation of the rainbow flag, which was more impressive than ever.

A Wedding of Gentlemen

wedding same sex glamour

By Andrea Milam Their smiles, the joy in their faces, the laughter in their voices, the brightness in the way they speak of one another—it's all reminiscent of young love. The giddiness that bursts forth between Cliff Martell Fantini and Richard Ambrose is contagious; it’s hard not to laugh along as they